Great Dane puppies for sale in northern Indiana by a loving Amish family in Shipshewana Indiana

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VonJoe Danes

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We have 3 generation pedigree papers for all our dogs!

Our puppies will be ready to go home at 2 months old and will come with the following:

  • Limited Registration
  • Health Certificate
  • One year health guarantee for anything hereditary
  • Lifetime breeder support
  • Collar

Deposits for a puppy are $500.00

Read our health guarantee

Customer Reviews

Bear is doing great! We renamed him Axle. He is growing, like a weed, and is developing a great personality and disposition. He has been healthy and happy since day one. I had a great experience with Von Joe Danes. I found your facility to be clean and the dogs and puppies well kept and cared for as well as adjusted to human interaction. I also valued the fact that you are a smaller breeder with with an emphasis on care. We love our Great Dane puppy, and he is growing into a beautiful example of the breed!

Those pictures didn't do them any Justice! I seriously can't wait to start showing my girls! They are just stunning! Super sweet and friendly get along perfectly with my other dogs!

I just wanted to give you an update & also thank you for such an awesome pup! I appreciate you calling me back the same day I inquired about “Champ”. As soon as I saw him over the internet, I knew he was the pup I wanted to add into our home. Then seeing his mother and his awesome looking father on your website, sealed the deal. Thank you again for getting back to me, answering any questions I had, and working with me on his transportation. As for our new pup, did rename him from Champ to Earl Mo. He was a bit timid the 1st night we got him since his surroundings were so different and he was in a new place. Maggie Moo, our harl Dane, is teaching him the ropes. He has been doing fabulous and already knows a few commands of: sit, wait, down, and shake! I took him to see the vet this week, at 5 months he is at 66 pounds! He is such a sweet puppy, loves to cuddle & really enjoys playing with the kids. It’s been very cold here in Pennsylvania, in which he doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets to eat some snow! Thank you again so much for such a beautiful, loving, and all round awesome Dane! We absolutely love him!!

Ozzy, formerly named Tyson, is the best dog we could have ever asked for. As soon as we saw his puppy pictures online, we just knew he was the one. Joas was great to work with and answered all of our questions as thoroughly as possible, and Ozzy was well worth the 13 hour drive! He adjusted quickly to his new home upon arrival, and quickly stole a piece of everyone’s heart. Not only is he the perfect example of a Dane, with his silly, gentle Great Dane antics, but he is absolutely stunning. Everyone who meets him agrees he belongs in the show ring with his looks, and elegant walk. At 7 months old, Ozzy is weighing in at about 86 pounds and growing beautifully. He is very intelligent, knows common commands, and has quickly learned to wait by the door if he needs to use the restroom. He loves going to the park with the family, but is also just as content sitting on the couch with a bone. Overall we could not be happier with our dog, and are eternally grateful to Von Joe Danes for their amazing work as breeders for creating such awesome, well rounded dogs.

Von Joe Danes gave us a fulfilling, quality experience for introducing a new family member into our home. The website gave plenty of information, and a personal phone call answered all of my questions and confirmed that we wanted our new puppy to come from here! They allowed us to come visit the puppies a few weeks before they were ready to go home so we could pick the one with the perfect personality for us. The adult male and female dogs at Von Joe Danes were incredibly impressive. The adult dogs had calm and friendly personalities, and they had a beautiful blue-grey coat. Our puppy Ivy has been incredible to have in our home for the last month! She is playful and gets along with other people and animals. We haven't met a single person who hasn't complimented her on her good behavior or her stunning appearance. We couldn't be happier with the newest addition to our family!

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that our puppy is doing amazing!! We named him Mookie (after my husbands favorite baseball player) and he has quickly made our house his house. He is growing like crazy!! He will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and he is 30 pounds already! He is so smart he learns everything so fast!! We are crazy in love with him!

Tucker is doing great. He is absolutely spoiled rotten! He has not had any health issues as of now. Tucker is very protective of our family, especially my daughter. A stranger can not approach her with him around. I don’t know if he would actually do anything but that growl and bark will certainly keep unwanted people away. He loves Zoe so much, he whines like a baby when she leaves for school each morning. He is pretty codependent, wants to be in the middle of everything. We sent him to training in September for a month... he was just being hard headed, not listening to me and would drag me when walking on a leash, he is doing much better with commands and walking now. The trainer loved him! She bragged on how smart he was and what a good looking Dane he is. We have certainly enjoyed having him. There are no dull moments with him around. A funny story for you, when he was around 8 months old we were doing renovations in our master bedroom and bath, everything in the house was chaotic and out of place. I had taken my wedding ring and watch off and laid them on my kitchen bar, next day went to put them on and my ring was gone. After 4 days of panic and trying to refrain from accusing the workers and thinking if they took my ring why didn’t they take my watch too?? I had noticed Tucker was starting to get tall enough to put his head on the bar and nosey around. I took him to the vet ,X-rays didn’t show ring inside him but vet did say if he ate it there was a possibility it could have already passed. Long story short, we found my ring in a “pile” outside!! He has his own unique personality, loves car rides, watches Animal Planet and will not drink water from a dish, he only wants to drink from the bathroom and kitchen faucet. We treat him just like we do our kids, he is loved very much. Thank you, couldn’t imagine life without this big guy in it.

This is Baloo (Ozzy) he has grown so much and is so handsome and sweet. I cant thank you enough for what a fantastic breeder you are have a happy new year!

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